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Welcome to College Campus Trips!

Selecting a college or university ranks high on the list of important life decisions. Students who choose wisely start their careers off on the right foot, while having fun and making lifelong friendships along the way. Uninformed choices, on the other hand, can lead to a less than enjoyable college experience. How can today's busy high school students be certain about their college choices?

College Campus Trips' tours are the answer! We design customized college tours providing students with a first-hand introduction to educational institutions all across the United States. Our experienced travel experts and education professionals take care of every aspect of planning and personally escorting our trips - from air and ground transportation, to hotel accommodations, meals, safety and security, campus tours, meetings with college admissions counselors, and more. We provide students with the type of in-depth knowledge and information that makes picking the right college a whole lot easier.

Whether you are looking for a customized, hassle-free college tour for your high school group or prefer to join one of our pre-designed college tours as an individual we are ready to help you make a better college choice. College Campus Trips has the dedicated and trained people with the experience to help students make the best decision they can in a time and cost efficient manner while offering parents and counselors peace of mind that their children are being cared for by professionals who truly care for their safety and well being.

When you want to evaluate a college and its campus there is no substitute for being there; let College Campus Trips bring you there.